Pastels beads

pastel colors for many years, they are in vogue, their gentle and quiet tones are popular in interior decoration, clothing and jewelry. Pastel colors are commonly used in an idyllic art and impressionism. Pastel hues are clear, and niejaskrawe niekrzykliwe, which is achieved by addition of large amounts of white color to intensify. Span> p>

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Romanticism pastels It makes it the perfect wedding colors. Pastel beads are perfect for jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids. Subtle colors perfectly highlight the strengths women ostentatious without attracting attention. These delicate additions is also a good starting point for people who never wore jewelry and want to start this adventure. Suitable for many styling, and their subdued colors allow nieskupianie too much on the previously unknown feeling of wearing a bracelet, pendant or earrings. Span> p>

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By combining pastel colors, it is easy to do by mistake freshwater children's set, which does not gain popularity among our customers. The safest way to combine with white or pastel creams, they form a background on which shines we have chosen color. Of course, the colors can be combined with each other, bracelet with light gray and pastel pink beads for years was one of the sales! Pastels can create collections of paintings reminiscent of watercolors. And as the images we can create a warm, pastoral associate with summer morning and the cool, crisp designs inspired by the winter landscape. Span> p>

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Beads pastels is our response to continuous demand any beads balls. Our products are made of semi-transparent glass like the winter, they do not crumble, hard to scratch or break. Present a well-used without additives, strung on elastic jewelery or steel cable. They combine well with metal pendants and additives in the color silver, matt and shiny gold and of course with pink gold, towering trends in jewelery. Good additives to the pastel, enamel beads are beads and beads with crystals or a collection of tags GEMS. Span> p>