Venetian glass

Venetian Glass it is a kind of artistic glass, derived from the Italian Venice. The origins of the colored glass article reach the thirteenth century, in which the Venetian artisans mastered the art of coloring glass, while preserving transparency. The development of this technology the glass happily coincided circumstances. Firstly - the traditions of glass melting in Venice reached the eighth century, the second circumstance was the influx of Byzantine craftsmen who fled from Constantinople fallen. Together with the Venetians, they developed many decorative techniques. They created with Venetian glass figurines, dishes and chandeliers. Was extremely popular Venetian glass jewelery, which could take almost any shape. Span> p>

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The authorities Venice extremely guarded the production of this unique art glass, but despite all efforts failed to prevent the spread of these skills, and around the world today is produced Venetian glass. Another issue is the Murano glass. It is an island, which at the end of the thirteenth century glassmakers moved all in fear of flooding in Venice. There lived a prosperous, were respected and granted them many privileges, which in those days was unheard of for a craftsman. The only condition was a categorical ban on leaving the territory of the republic St. Mark. Span> p>

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Improvement techniques It resulted in a closed environment that glaziers of Murano had a monopoly on the production of colored glass. Technologies that are patented receiving crystal glass, frosted glass, enamelled glass with highlights of gold called aventurine and colored glass called millefiori, which today include lampwork techniques. Today created a Venetian Murano glass, which is marked with a special certificate of authenticity. What is interesting to Venetian glass we include a sand desert and overnight Cairo - materials, which are often considered to be gemstones. Span> p>


Jewelry from Venetian glass is popular today, although currently in the process of its manufacture is often at least partially automated. In our offer you will find a wealth of shapes, colors and techniques used in the manufacture of semi-finished products of the highest quality. Our Venetian glass beads for creating jewelry for people of any age and almost any taste. Ornaments made of glass presents an extremely beautiful on monochrome clothes suitable for each and every type of beauty skin. Span> p>