Ordinary glass

Glass is an extremely graceful craft material. For centuries, it has been used in almost every type of ornamentation. We see them in the stained glass windows of historic churches, in the form of beautiful figurines, vases, sculptures and jewelry. Thanks to technological development, today the world of glass beads offers all shapes and colors imaginable. Glass beads for stringing have been a hit for many years. They are often among the first blanks that novice craftsmen buy. No wonder - it is a beautiful, easy-to-use and grateful material for work, the price of which is often lower than that of natural materials.

Does ordinary mean worse?

To call your product something ordinary seems like a marketing shot in the knee. We, however, believe that this ordinaryness of the product is something that should be valued, not hidden. We believe that a product does not have to be unique and something very expensive to be valuable. The simplicity of our glass beads allows you to play with combining this material with other semi-finished products. Glass beads can create a backdrop for other products to keep the entire design from being overwhelming.

In addition, these ordinary beads perfectly fit into the minimalist and strict trends of recent years. On the catwalks of top designers you can see a design that captivates with its simplicity and austerity. Properly selected jewelry made of one-color beads allows you to emphasize the clothing, eye color or skin of the person who wears it. It is also a great idea for people who don't like complicated patterns and extravagant accessories.

Glass beads made of plain glass in manzuko

This category is a mixture of colors, finishes and shapes. You will find beads made in manufactories, machine-made or hand-made. Some are dull, others sparkle or have a sheen like spilled gasoline. We offer many shapes - from simple beads to flower-shaped beads and bottles. The glass is transparent, translucent or opaque. However, these beads have one thing in common - impeccable quality. Regardless of the finish and shape, we make sure that the products we present are of the highest quality. Our glass beads do not break or chip.

Discover these timeless and universal blanks and let yourself be carried away by glass fantasy.