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Christmas / Christmas pendants

We know that thousands of hangers is a challenge for those who are looking for specific categories, we try to select new product groups for you to make them easier to view. Here we have selected for you: Christmas pendants .

Holidays are commonly associated with all kinds of decorations. Everywhere you can see Christmas trees with baubles, angels on the windows and wreaths on the doors. Christmas motifs that can be seen on sweaters, ties or accessories dedicated to this time of the year are becoming more and more popular. For many years these decorations have carried symbolism, bells signify the arrival of good news, angels are to protect the house and its inhabitants, and the star is a symbol of the biblical star of Bethlehem leading the three kings. Interestingly, cones are symbols of fertility and prosperity, while Christmas trees were initially a ritual theft of a tree from the forest, which was supposed to bring good luck. We present a diverse selection of Christmas pendants, those related to old traditions as well as to more modern fairy tales such as the stories of Santa Claus and Rudolph the reindeer. Additionally, the offer includes more universal snowflake-shaped winter hangers that will be valid for a longer period of time.

Christmas pendants are perfect as a subtle pendant or in a bracelet with charms. Christmas earrings made of them will be visible whether you are at the Christmas table or on a Christmas walk. A Christmas pendant does not necessarily have to be a piece of jewelry. Ideally suited as an additional decoration for Christmas cards or hand-made decorations. It can also turn out to be a good complement to wrapped gifts.

Our products are made of antiallergic metal alloys, they do not contain nickel, chromium or cobalt. They are durable and resistant to moisture or temperature changes, and they do not break. We offer silver, bronze and gold pendants, which makes it possible to create jewelry for lovers of cool and warm tones. Some of the pendants are covered with high-quality enamel, which gives the pendants an additional character. The enamel is durable, does not chip or peel off, and retains its shine for a long time.

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