Cellophane bags

Cellophane bags

What exactly is cellophane?

Cellophane is usually a transparent, rustling cellulose film, which is made of viscose. It is mainly used for the production of protective and decorative packaging. It is most popular in the food industry. The filler in this material is glycerin. Importantly, it is a flammable material that loses its strength under the influence of water. Important news is also the fact that it is a biodegradable material. Due to the production processes, it is not as environmentally friendly as paper, but it is a good alternative to plastic.

When to choose cellophane or foil bags?

Cellophane is much more resistant to moisture when combined with paper. Cellophane bags used in the food industry effectively stop the access of moisture and harmful environmental influences, thanks to which they maintain the freshness of the product. So if you want to protect your products from moisture, choose cellophane. The bags have an adhesive strip secured with a special tape, which enables convenient and safe closure of the bag.

Cellophane bags on offer from manzuko

Our cellophane bags are available in many sizes, so it will be easier for you to adapt them to your needs. They are made of the highest quality materials. Cellophane bags are suitable for composting. These products are not colored, which allows them to be displayed in the packaging, and also facilitates inspection during transport.