cellophane bags

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What it is actually cellophane? span> h3>

Cellophane is most transparent rustling foil cellulose, which is produced from viscose. It is used mainly for the production of protective packaging, as well as decorative. The most popular is in the food industry. The filler in the material is glycerol. What is important is flammable material, which under the influence of water loses its strength. An important news is the fact that it is a biodegradable material. Because of the manufacturing processes, it is not environmentally friendly material, such as paper, although plastic is a good alternative. Span> p>

When choose cellophane bags or plastic? span> h3>

Cellophane is substantially resistant to moisture, if we compare it with the paper. In the food industry cellophane bags to effectively prevent ingress of moisture and the deleterious effects of the environment so that retain the freshness of the product. So, if you care to protect their products from moisture, select cellophane. On bags is secured with a special tape glue, which allows convenient and safe closure of the bag. Span> p>


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Our bags cellophane are available in many sizes, making it easier you will adapt them to your needs. They are made from high quality materials. Cellophane bags are suitable for composting. These products are not dyed, which allows better placement in the package, and also helps control during transport. Span> p>