nylon cord

What actually is nylon? span> h4>

Nylon is polymer created in the first decade of the twentieth century in the United States. Initially it produced toothbrushes and stockings. It was only later began to use them in a variety of industries. These synthetic fibers are commonly used due to their very high tensile strength and ease of dyeing. Thanks to these properties is a nylon string blanks on solid colors. Moreover, it is slightly flexible, which somewhat "forgiving" errors in the measurements. It is a hot melt material, making it easy to protect your design by scorch the lighter end of the string. Span> p>

How use a nylon string span> h4>

Nylon is good material on the string for bracelets makramowych. Beginners rękodzielnikom can cause trouble because of its slipperiness. So, be good to tie each knot. It is limp, making it easy intertwined in his fingers. Nylon cord is also suitable for shamballa bracelets. It gives them an interesting structure and a delicate sheen. Nylon cord primarily we associate with the techniques of weaving, but often the small diameter makes it easy to combine it with pendants and beads. Span> p>

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Twine nylon in our offer you will find many beautiful, vibrant colors. Thanks to their color properties of nylon will be so alive for a very long time. Twine is sold on spools, so you are sure that it does not weep during use. We offer two nylon strings sizes 0.8 mm and 1 mm, which will give both for delicate designs, and larger works. Nylon strings are durable, so check in using beads and other semi-finished products, without the risk of rapid fraying string. Span> p>