Raw wood

Raw wood

Wood is a great and often underrated semi-finished product. Wooden blanks, even those with a large volume, weigh little, thanks to which large projects do not weigh on the ears, necks and wrists. Moreover, wood is hard to destroy. It does not crumble, break or bend, which is its unquestionable advantage. Raw wood is often associated with splinters or a material sticky with resin. However, the raw wood of our offer significantly differs from such ideas.

Raw wood in our offer

In our store, all raw wood blanks are smooth and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to careful and multiple polishing, they do not have splinters or burrs. They are of a light color, which is perfectly combined with colorful semi-finished products made of ceramics, glass or natural stones. What's more, their smooth, almost white surface is an ideal base for modification. Our wooden blanks can be successfully painted, varnished and engraved.


Raw wood beads come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to the standard balls and tires, you will find fashionable, geometric beads in our store. Especially polygonal beads, painted only partially, are an extremely effective material in the creation of minimalist jewelry. The beads have quite big holes, so you can thread almost every string and thong through them. However, don't worry, the holes in the beads do not prevent them from being threaded onto other blanks, such as rubber bands.


Wooden cabochons are semi-finished products with extraordinary potential. You can transform them into miniature works of art by drilling, engraving, burning or painting. Interestingly, raw wood cabochons look great without being processed. They are a great complement to holiday jewelry.

Accessories for children

Wood is one of the safest materials for kids. Wooden blocks are often the first toys for a reason. Our raw wood accessories for babies allow you to create teethers, cradle decorations or dummy key rings. What's more, thanks to their raw condition, you can be sure that they are not covered with substances harmful to the baby. You can decorate them with non-toxic paints, natural dyes such as beetroot juice and turmeric, or by burning a pattern into them.