Beads from natural coral

takes its name from the corals - organisms living in the sea areas of warm and hot. Contrary to some beliefs, coral is not a stone, and the skeleton of organic origin. These dead parts of organisms are composed of calcium carbonate and reach up to 40 cm high and 6 cm thick. P>

esoteric it believed that coral gives the person wearing it with modesty and wisdom. It soothes and softens the tendency to panic. It is believed that favors the development of intuition, concentration and imagination. Proponents of alternative medicine believe in a wide range of therapeutic action. In theory, coral strengthens the circulatory system, bone and reproductive systems. Once a coral powder was mixed with water and used this mixture for the treatment of the throat. P>

Coral in history h3>

The Jewelry of red beads aroused admiration in ancient times. One of the oldest finds associated with this jewelry date back several thousand years old and were found in the graves. Coral, was called by some "the flower of the sea" symbolize had a high social status. He witnesses to a prestigious position and wealth of its owner. In Poland, necklaces reefs are an integral part of the regional costume of Krakow, which was created at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Coral had to make rowan fruit and its natural properties. P>

Koral- noble additive for each h3>

is the most wanted noble coral, a living red color. Other common varieties of coral noble are white, pink or white, with pink spots. Still another, extremely valuable in jewelry corals are black or blue. Imitation beads are made from plants "ivory". It is a mixture of colored rubber, plaster, porcelain, plastic and colored bones. They are also created so-called. synthetic beads. Colored rubber crushed and milled much more closely resembles the work of nature. P>

coral material is very sensitive. It should not be exposed to acid, heat or hot water. Over time jewelry made from coral can fade to restore its fresh appearance, we soak it in hydrogen peroxide. P>