Name Agat strong> comes from the river Achates in Sicily, whence came the most beautiful specimens in antiquity. The word itself means in translation: "good". Agates have been known for 8,000 years. On many excavations dug items decorative and made of agate. Construction of agates and sensational tapes deliverance decide on their popularity and beauty in jewelry. Concentric layering also emphasizes the beautiful color. These minerals are present in many color varieties and their color depends on inclusions of different minerals. They are located around the world, also in Poland. Most of them, however, is less attractive colors. Agate is easily and permanently stained, interestingly only natural dyes. Is used for this purpose, different materials from simple sugar and heat the chemical compounds occurring in nature. Very often such treatment emphasizes the natural color, Alby was it more expressive. Agatha served as amulets and scenery from antiquity. The period of the baroque splendor fell. Now they are experiencing a renaissance. Since ancient times people believed in the power of agates. Played a protective role, they added strength, inspire, support longevity. The entire range of their beneficial power has changed with the colors. Beautiful deliverance expose the beads and cabochons. In matt or polished surfaces arranged in layers colors attract the eye. Agate beads blend beautifully with the uniform semi-precious stones like onyx or obsidian, and with pearls. Agata suitable successfully for the production of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. P>