Ceramics and porcelain

Ceramics is popular since ancient times. Performed with the vases and ornaments. Over the centuries perfected quality ceramic products, their color, durability and finish. This material is resistant to high temperatures and chemical agents, so is used not only for decoration, but also in medicine, construction, and even the aerospace industry! P>

Ceramic beads is our apple of the eye h3>

Ceramic Beads, which we present selected this collection, which is regularly supplemented with new designs. We are not only a direct importer of beads, but we also design new collections, which still looking for interesting color solutions. We value the unique effect, which give the jewelry handmade ceramic beads, each one is a unique element of differing hue, texture and shading. Customer satisfaction is important to us, because ceramics, which arise from our beads, is the excellent quality durable material, the pigments used for the coloring are saturated and do not clash with beads. This is thanks to many years of experience in the sale of porcelain, which allowed us to find manufacturers with whom we cooperate willingly, knowing that the final product will impress us and you. P>

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We attach special attention to the care of the constant availability of the previously offered collection with an emphasis on ceramic balls, which are the most popular. We strive to provide you with ceramic beads in many different shapes and colors. In this category you will find discs, cubes, balls, olives, donuts, pills and many other elements in varying sizes. Smaller beads create the perfect ceramic earrings and bracelets. Jewelry created from them will be resistant to temperature changes and moisture and its stability make the owner will enjoy it for years. Ceramics in the larger beads is hollow, which makes it more delicate, but such beads with corals will present beautifully, without creating unnecessary burdens and neck discomfort. Such an offer to compose a necklace using straps or cables that you will find in the category of semi-finished products. Ceramic bracelets can be created using ropes, elastics, straps or cords, which we encourage you purchase at our store. P>