Fasteners for jewelry

fasteners for jewelery is also an element of design h3>

Clasp for bracelets or necklaces is often underappreciated aspect of jewelry making. It seems that the fasteners are only practicable and not decorative aspect. However, we believe that the clasp to jewelry are an integral part of the project and can bring a lot to him. Correspondingly matched closure can spice up your jewelry or make, that it will not look your best. P>

Classic fastener for jewelery h3>

carabiner strong> is the most popular type of fastener for jewelry that fits any strings of beads, whether they are made of precious stones and acrylic. It is very versatile, comes in many sizes and colors, which makes the most novice artisans eager after not reach. P>

federing strong> slightly modified for fastening the bracelet-type clip. Federingi a fastener in which the movable element retracts into the tube, when opening the clasp. These fasteners for jewelry fasteners guarantee the safety and well-suited for jewelry komponowanej with small parts that could move out of the rifles. Usually they have built-in circle, so you use less wheel assembly using this type, and in addition are an elegant finish jewelry. P>

Fasteners for ball chain strong> is the easiest-to-use fasteners, which resemble the shape of the beans. Just be a little part the tool and not to plug in the chain of balls. On our page you will find all the fasteners matched to the chain of ball we offer. P>

Modern fasteners for jewelry h3>

two-part fasteners strong>, or another type of fastener chłopiec- girl or toggle strong> is a clasp for bracelets, which works in necklaces made of large beads of precious stones. We offer them plain or decorated. This type of fastener is a perfect example of that clasp the jewelry can also be a contributory factor. P>

Fasteners pasted strong> is a type of fastener dedicated jewelry thick strings or thongs. There are usually two-piece fasteners, and using good kleju- extremely durable. We offer a gentle fastening to paste, as well as massive, which among other things for creating men's jewelry. Among the fasteners bonded find magnetic fasteners. These are fasteners for bracelets or necklaces, which are smooth, very easy to use and extremely aesthetic. P>

The last type are fastener multi-row strong>, which are relatively new trend. They are used to create necklaces with several chains, which thus nicely distributed on the neck and tangled. Fasteners multi-row can be used to fasten even 6 chain necklace in one! P>

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