Pendants to bracelets / charms

Charms for bracelets strong> is enjoying a category of products in our store unflagging interest. We are constantly expanding the offer by searching for interesting patterns and motifs. Larger beads are used in necklaces, pendants and brelokach. They blend in nicely with the strap suede and beads of ceramics. Smaller certainly serve as Charms for bracelets. These small metal blanks are a great complement to any jewelry, they give it character and make more personalized. The collection includes the entire series- pendants can dedicate interests of the person for whom jewelery is created. Globe, map and compass for the traveler, handbag, pins and perfume for a specialist or fashion hearts and flowers for romantyczki. Pendants are available in several colors: silver, antique silver, antique bronze and gold. Some pendants, to increase the range of colors are enamel, which gives additional possibilities when composing jewelry. You can also be chosen according to the color of the enamel tassels, which completes the composition. This is one of our best groups of semi-finished products. For several seasons bracelets can not do without these charming additions. We closely follow trends to our offer includes all the top models and styles. P>