Jewelry tools

In this category you will find you need to tools for making jewelry strong>. They are: pliers, pliers and tongs for different tasks. They can be cut cable wires and jewelry. Can be formed from wire mesh jewelery, straighten the wheel assembly, tighten tip. Jewelery tools strong> are made of metal alloys resistant and capable of being sharpened. All have a rubber handle for working more comfortably and efficiently. The choice of tools depends on the needs and techniques, in which jewelry is made. The most popular tool is multifunctional pliers. It's a great tool for beginners. It can perform most tasks at the same time and determine what we lack in it. On this basis it easier to make another choice. The tools are smaller than those found in stores tool. Well in the hand and not make trouble for precision work. In this category you will also find other useful products such as adhesives or organizers. P>