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Wooden beads

Wooden beads are one of the most commonly used jewelery findings. Their popularity is hidden in the wide range of choices and easy accessibility. Raw wood beads are stylish, original and have a fairly low price. What's more, their processing does not cause major problems at work. The holes are large, so threading them takes literally a few moments. Put on wooden beads and allow yourself to create unique and delightful designs.

Wooden beads - choose the organic nature of your jewelry

Natural beauty has returned to favor. Organic jewelry has become extremely fashionable in recent times, and it suits every type of style. Wooden jewelry perfectly harmonizes with all boho stylizations and gives a chance to create loose, casual jewelry every day. But that's not all - wooden balls made of a slightly more exotic or noble type of wood can also become an original accessory for an evening outfit. Check out the unlimited number of possibilities and find the beads that perfectly match each of your needs.

Our offer includes beads that will allow you to create original, natural necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Creating jewelry has never been as easy and fun as using wooden beads. The beads do not slip out of the fingers and easily adapt to jewelry strings, chains, strings and lines. What's more, wooden beads are susceptible to our processing, so the only limit when creating jewelry is your imagination. Combine naturalness and originality - put on jewelry made of wooden beads!

Exotic wood or raw wood? A fashionable proposition not only for today

Jewelry made of wood has long become a timeless proposition for almost everyone. Beads look good both alone and in groups, creating unique compositions. The question often arises which of them are more elegant and allow you to create more interesting compositions. Exotic wood looks great with slightly more elegant designs and evening styling. Raw wood, in turn, is an ideal proposition for everyday jewelry, which is characterized by simplicity and unpretentiousness. Moreover, raw wood beads are amenable to coloring, so this is the perfect chance to create exactly the composition you have been thinking about for years.

Wooden crutches and more from Manzuko

The beads in our offer are an above-average number of patterns and combinations. In our collection we proudly present exotic wood: palm wood, tiger ebony, bayong wood, robles, nanghka and rosewood beads. The collection is finished with kukui nut beads, other nut beads and horn beads. Familiarize yourself with the types, shapes and colors, and you will surely find something for yourself!

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