Autumn ceramics

Ceramic beads are the apple of our eye. It was ceramics that was one of the first products that contributed to the creation of the manzuko store. For many years we have been creating ceramic earrings and bracelets from ceramic beads. Our offer includes dozens of ceramic balls in several sizes. In addition to the balls, the ceramics have been divided into several additional categories according to shape.

What is ceramics

Ceramic beads are nothing more than glazed clay. The beads are formed on metal wires and dried and fired many times at high temperatures. After the first firings, the beads are covered with successive layers of color and protective glaze. Although our history with ceramics is over a dozen years old, its actual history dates back to the Paleolithic. The oldest ceramic products date back to 13,000 BC, glass has not appeared for about 8,000 consecutive years. Ceramics were produced by the Greeks, there is a culture that dealt with ceramics during the Bronze Age. About 5.5 thousand ceramics appeared in today's Poland. years bc.

What is autumn ceramics

Autumn ceramics is a unique series of ceramic beads. You will find here ceramic cubes, ceramic beads, balls, flowers, olives, bars, ceramic bricks and many other shapes. Autumn ceramics are available in a limited color set. The red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, brown and powder pink beads that you can find here are flecked with brown glaze, which gives them a unique look. They will work both independently and in the company of classic ceramic beads. The combinations of autumn ceramics with wood and beads made of natural stones will also be interesting. Bronze and oxidized silver are the colors of metal semi-finished products that will look best with it.