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Letter beads

With the nostalgic return of fashion in the nineties of the last century, beads with letters have returned to favor. Necklaces, chokers and bracelets with letters were again promoted in the most prestigious fashion magazines. Due to the growing demand for personalized accessories, letter beads are a bull's eye! These accessories are fashionable, more personal, but often also practical. Babies' signature keychains can help avoid misunderstandings in larger groups, and the extra sensory stimulation will support their development. Letter pendants are a good way to emphasize the presence of an important person in your life. A single bead with the first letter of the name or initials is a discreet tribute to the person.

A bracelet with letters can also serve as information for security services and medics. You can create a bracelet with information about a person's allergy to drugs, his blood group, or include his address there. This can be a simple solution for young children who often get lost or get sick, and for older people whose age has made them less independent than before. Bracelet letters are a good opportunity to introduce your children to the world of handicrafts. Together with them, you can create fun gifts for grandma, grandpa for Christmas, or friendship bracelets for friends from school.

Our offer includes a wide range of letter beads. Acrylic cubes with letters are a typical nod to the 90's. These beads are light, durable and resistant to changing conditions. In addition to cubes with letters, you will also find acrylic lozenges, which are a more subtle variant of these beads. Letters for a bracelet or necklace will be perfectly complemented by acrylic pills with colorful hearts.

In addition, we present a slightly more modern variant of letter beads, namely engraved metal balls. They are made of a hypoallergenic metal alloy and do not contain cobalt, nickel or lead. They do not wear off and keep their original condition for a long time. They will work as the main element of jewelry, as well as spacers personalizing a given item.

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