Oval luminaire for cabochons 20x30 mm

Separation of this the category is primarily intended to facilitate your shopping in our store. We know that choosing the appropriate lighting for cabochons can be a challenge, therefore, we are trying to change that. This category is focused housing, which are suitable cabochons oval 20 x 30 mm. Span> p>

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First of all, they are matched to the code KBSZ2030 glasses. Thanks to excellent fit easily create spectacular jewelry! The slides are not the only material that can fill these fixtures. Great work of filling resin, silicon, ceramic or modeling clay. They are suitable to create necklaces and pendants to the original key chains. Present themselves well both on classic chains, as well as those on the ball and hold tasiemkach, suede or leather straps. Span> p>

Our proposal luminaires of 20 × 30 mm span> h4>

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The continued demand on our luminaires to cabochons makes this category is growing constantly. Your interest in these products is the best certificate for the excellent quality of our products. The oval cabochon base under offer in many different colors; from the ancient bronze, the silver and gold to platinum. For each type of fixture goes without saying chains, the fastener assembly and the wheels of the corresponding color. Base are made of a metal alloy devoid of allergens such as nickel, chromium, or cadmium. In addition to high quality fixtures, these are often decorated edges, as well as the reverse. This allows the database to match the style and shaping unique cabochon jewelry. Span> p>