Notepads, stickers, vouchers

this categories of products present less correlated with jewelry. You will find gift ideas for both myself and for other artists. What's more, we offer articles are the perfect complement to both amateur and professional studio craft. Span> p>

A set of notebooks span> h4>

Each set It contains four notebooks with our proprietary graphics. Printing is gentle and does not interfere with rozczytywaniu recorded in the pages of notes, even if they are written in pencil. Notebooks are a great addition to the studio, ideal for writing out lists, writing down the products that you need to book. Notebooks are made of high quality paper, and cards are neatly glued on their backs. Thanks to detach the page only if you want it to. What's more, we simply enjoy their pastel, feminine patterns. The set is packed in foil and wrapped in a broad pink ribbon tied in a bow, so that they look and wonderfully suitable gift. Span> p>

Stickers < / span> h4>

For some Copyright stickers add time to send orders. The positive reception of our customers has surpassed our expectations. After many requests, finally proud to add to our range of stickers. All Mail span> e labels are round and their diameter is 5 cm. They are made of paper and cut into individual squares, there is one on every label. We have designed and printed the dozen patterns in various colors and with different messages. Labels carry a different, positive news, some indicate for whom the object was made, the other that it was created out of love and still others prefer a nice day. For those of you who sell handicrafts on the international platform they created stickers with subtitles in English. Their diversity will allow you to adjust the kind of stickers to the style of his or her jewelry. Certainly they will be a nice addition to your products, and in addition make customers remember you done with shopping for a longer time. Perfectly presented on paper sachets by adding a little color to them. P>

Weekend < / span> h4>

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Voucher is a great gift idea for our regular clients and creative people. Perfect for a gift for the person you want to infect a passion for handicrafts and jewelry making. Vouchers available in three price categories: 20 zł, 50 zł and 100 zł. Purchased a coupon in an email message we send to print. There are different formats voucher, depending on your preferences. Vouchers contain discount code with your chosen value. They retain their validity throughout the year from the date of its receipt. Coupons are to be used once and completely. Span> p>