Miyuki Delica

Miyuki Delica beads

Miyuki Delica are iconic beads of the Japanese brand. They were created in 1982 and gained worldwide popularity almost immediately. They owe it to the impeccable workmanship and perfect symmetry of all the beads. Thanks to this, they perfectly match the needs of the most demanding artists and perfectionists. Their quality also surpasses the popular Toho beads, which gives them a slightly higher price.

Miyuki Delica beads on manzuko offer

In our online store you will find several hundred types of Delica beads. All of them are sold in 5-gram bags containing the famous 11/0 size beads. The diameter of these glass beads is 1.6 mm. In addition to many colors, we also offer many different types of bead finishes for which the Miyuki brand is so famous. You will find opaque beads in beautifully saturated colors, matte, transparent, silky, metallic or pearl beads. What's more, some of them have the iridescent AB coating, which is already known from ceramic beads.

How to use Miyuki Delica beads

Delica beads are semi-finished products of the highest class with identical shapes, thanks to which the jewelry made of them pleases the eye even more. A slightly larger hole (0.8 mm) makes them perfect for any technique that requires threading through the same hole multiple times. They look great in jewelery woven on a loom or a kumihimo disk, as well as as a trim for cabochons and all kinds of accessories in a soutache. What's more, Delica beads can be used to decorate handbags and clothing, and even as raw materials for sewing stuffed animals.

What to combine Miyuki Delica beads with

These unusual semi-finished products do not need much. We recommend using them together with durable miyuki threads and fine stainless steel needles. These beads look great without the company of other semi-finished products, but also in the accompaniment of tassels, pendants, natural stones, pearls, wood and many others. They work well as the main star of the project, but also as an accent in the form of a spacer. These are extremely universal semi-finished products of great quality.