Toho threads

Toho threads

Toho threads, called One-G, are classic semi-finished products for creating jewelry from Toho beads. They have been created especially for the needs of working with small blanks so that threading is pleasant and the products are durable and as beautiful as possible. These threads are recommended by creators and creators all over the world. Most craftswomen rate them 5! Find out how fun it can be to work with One-G threads.

Toho threads - quality and properties

Toho threads are made of nylon. This means that to the touch they resemble classic cotton threads, however, they have several advantages over cotton. First of all, Toho threads are coated with an impregnation that prevents the thread from getting damaged. Thanks to this, it does not pilling, does not form barbs or loops on it. What's more, nylon is a very durable material, so your jewelry will be like that too. In addition, the coating on the One-G threads prevents the threads from tangling, which makes working with them much more pleasant.

Toho threads are produced in many colors. Because they are designed for beads that are often transparent. Matching the color of the thread to the design often makes the whole thing look neater and more professional. The dtex and denier values ​​on the spools indicate the thread weight.

Toho threads on offer from manzuko

Most of the Toho threads in our offer are wound on small spools. However, don't be fooled, one spool holds 50 yards, which is 46 meters. The most popular colors, i.e. black and white, are available on 125-meter spools. Each thread has a diameter of 0.25 mm. One-G bobbins are easy to store and convenient to use. They are one of the most popular jewelry threads in the world that will work great in any handicraft project. However, remember that you need jewelry needles to use them.