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Stones and pendants for Gemini

Gemini is a crazy zodiac sign full of contradictions. The Twins' dates are from May 21 to June 20. This zodiac sign is connected with the myth of the Dioscuri Castor and Polydeuces, who were idolized heroes and Argonauts. After the death of one of the brothers, Zeus moved them both to the sky, creating the constellation Gemini so that they would always be together.

The element of these spontaneous airheads is air. Gemini people are usually very curious about the world and love collecting knowledge. Moreover, Geminis are excellent travelers who will make friends with anyone regardless of where they are or whether they speak the same language. Compounding this rush of knowledge and the desire to discover new things is the lack of thinking about the consequences. Fortunately, creative Gemini will usually find a way to get out of any bind.
Stones for Gemini
The color of Gemini is yellow, which, in my opinion, can be translated into the use of fashionable gold pendants with astrological motifs. The stones recommended for Gemini include lemon and tiger's eye, which match the proposed yellow quite well. Other talismans for this zodiac sign include moonstone, pearls and aquamarines. We also cannot forget about alexandrite, a stone with a dual nature. Although astrological sources do not mention other double stones, such as zoisite, in our opinion their concept fits perfectly into jewelry for Gemini.
Gemini and other signs
Communicative Gemini works best with other zodiacs of the air element. These include Aquarius and Libra. Their creative and enthusiastic nature also makes them get along well with Leos. In relationships, Gemini may avoid Virgos and Pisces because they get along the least with these zodiac signs.

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