Aquamarine is transparent variation beryllium. Gemstone on blue, blue or blue-green color, whose sister, dark green variety is emerald. Look reminiscent of the sea depths, it is hence derived its name. Aqua Marine is Latin for "sea water". According to legend, it originated from the treasury of sea nymphs, who donated aquamarine earthly prince, in which she was in love. P>

History aquamarine h3>

When we look at the history of minerals aquamarine seems to be one of the favorites minerals. He was very highly regarded in medieval times. In 1604 years Boetius de Boodt the first to use the names of aquamarine. It often forms large crystals, which gives the names and which have a rich history. Often framed crown jewel and used as a window in monstrancjach. One of the unique objects made of aquamarine is the scepter of Stanislaw August Poniatowski, now stored at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. According to astrologers medieval stone that had the power uspakajania stormy sea, so often performed with his amulets for sailors. P>

Akwamaryn- sea stone, stone angelic h3>

is the most desirable aquamarine blue colored. Green mineral is subjected to a heat treatment at a temperature of approximately 400-450 degrees Celsius, thereby changing its color to blue, this process is irreversible. Aquamarine has an interesting feature called dichroism. Dichroism otherwise dwubarwność- means that depending on the setting of the crystal may be blue or colorless. After grinding aquamarine sometimes migotliwy- is characteristic of all minerals such as, for example. Tiger's eye. P>

Beads of aquamarine can be used both to create a cool, blue, everyday jewelry and elegant jewelry sets. To take care of the stone should be washed under running water. Also improves the quality of aquamarine periodically exposing it to sunlight. P>