Fringes triple

Fringes triple this is one of the newest types in this category. They look like small, fluffy and colorful Christmas trees. They offer add some color using one blank. There are three corresponding colors as forming a coherent color scheme of our work or make ombre effect. They are a perfect complement to summer jewelry is not only because of its lightness, but color schemes. Span> p>

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This kind of Khvostov perfectly suited to project long striking earrings. These fluffy and colorful semi suitable volume and clarity of jewelry. At the same time they are very pleasant to the touch and almost imperceptible light, so you do not blame the ear. Larger triple tassels look great as decorative elements handbags, and even in interior decoration. What's more, the addition of color sure to be the perfect complement to a key chain or pendant sizeable. Span> p>

Fringes triple offer span> h3>

Our Fringes They made of nylon or synthetic fiber. Nylon is a material of very high tensile strength and high dyeability. Nylon fiber does not fade or lose color by rinsing. They melt, durable and pleasant to the touch. In addition, they do not delaminate, so long tassels retain their original appearance. On our online shop you will find complete fringes triple loop with metallic threads and connected to the wheel assembly. Span> p>

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